Manenberg Aftercare Centre News

Manenberg Art of Yoga

The Centre once again has introduce the Art of Yoga to our children. Through this form of exercise we hope to help our children to better manage their anger and frustrations. 

MAC Encouraging reading

MAC encouraging reading among our children by handing out some storybooks to our children in Manenberg.

Manenberg Food Programme

Although the Centre can’t operate under normal circumstances due to the terrible pandemic of Covid-19, the Centre still continues to care for the children of Manenberg by running a food programme 3 times a week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  This food programme reaches about 230 children, adults and elderly on average per day of serving.  Many are looking forward to this meal as it is for most of them the only warm meal of the day.  The Centre observed strictly the regulations of Covid-19 and staff also uses the opportunities when serving food to educate the recipients on the importance of social distancing, washing of hands and wearing of masks.  Many have come to respect these regulations when arriving to receive their meal.